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What the F**k is Social Media (One Year Later)

Social media is no longer just a new marketing experiment. Nor is it just a hot fad. 3 out of 4 Americans and 2 out of 3 worldwide web users are on it. Yet, corporations still only think of it as a marketing tool. It is much more than that. It’s a chance for business to communicate with its fans; to create, build and satisfy new audiences; it’s a chance to brand. Yes, all those things. But that’s just on the business side. It’s also a chance for listening, sharing, exchanging with fans, who will in turn help promote you more.

So why the f**k is social media so important? This updated report from Marta Kagan really explains it well.

Get on it.


Give Your Fans What They Need and Want

Being Program Director of Montreal’s Q92, I can attest to the following story as reported in this morning’s R&R STREET TALK DAILY. Everyday the station receives phone calls from listeners offering tips, local observations or simply asking questions about things they needed answered. I would get them directly to my phone line, too.

It’s one of radio’s remaining secret success ingredients that needs protecting and better positioning against competing media. Local Connection and Immediate Feedback.

In other words, it’s called Customer Satisfaction.

How well is your station actually responding and interacting with your active listeners? These ‘actives’ — your fans — want immediate connection. Are you giving it to them?

Here’s WNCI/Columbus, OH PD Michael McCoy’s great email (thanks to R&R’s Kevin Carter):

“The other day, I was in the studio, talking to my afternoon jock Chris Davis, when a listener called to tell him about a bad accident that would be sure to snarl traffic for the afternoon commute. They had a brief conversation, and Chris quickly edited and aired it within five minutes. We may take that brief listener interaction for granted, but it is truly unique when compared to competing media.

A few quick thoughts: 1) We already have a relationship with that listener. They thought to call us about the accident. 2) It was that human-to-human interaction that helped create the relationship. 3) There’s an immediacy in which the information was relayed to other listeners, setting the foundation for and/or furthering other relationships. 4) Central Ohio listeners trust in WNCI.

Later, in my office, I wanted to see if my iPod had anything to say about relationship-building, but it just stared blankly back at me. I wanted to talk to someone at Sirius XM about it, but I’m fairly sure they have no idea where ’23 & Home Road’ is. I then Googled ‘human-to-human interaction’, but all I got were porn sites….”