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24 – The Unaired 1994 Pilot

My, how times have changed.

15 years ago, there were an estimated 38 million Internet users worldwide, mostly in the U.S. (IDC).

As of June 2009, approximately 1.67 billion people worldwide use the Internet, according to studies by Miniwatts Marketing Group.

Humor often can be insightful. “Insightful” isn’t a typical description for the humor found on; however, the site’s content is often damn funny.

My media friend Dan Forth of discovered something both “funny” and “insightful” from CollegeHumor: the “unaired pilot” of ’24’.

Ever wonder how Jack Bauer could save the world and stop the bomb from exploding back in the day when we relied on payphones, slow modem dial-up, and AOL/Prodigy chatroom for online conversations?

Well, now you can see…and marvel at how fast our world operates online now. Times have changed.